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Wheel Encoder Mode not working on ArduRover 3.5.0 (Chibi OS)


I’m working on ArduRover v3.5.0 and recently ported Chibios on the board. After porting I realized that:

  1. GPS Mode is working fine + Logs (EKF3)
  2. GPS+Encoder Mode is also working + Logs(EKF3)

But Only Encoder Mode is not working.

Following are the errors that I encountered during test missions.

  • EKF Failsafe Error
  • Flight Mode Unable to Change due to failsafe
  • No Logs generated due to bad logging

Here are some of the screenshots of the issues. Please acknowledge and reply to this topic. I really need to resolve these errors.


Yes, I think you have stumbled across a known problem with Rover-3.5 (issue is here). It may (or may not) help to set the FS_EKF_ACTION = 0.

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Thanks a lots for providing me the insights regarding this issue. I’ll be waiting for an updated version.

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