What is the fastest way to download BIN logs over wifi?

What is the fastest way to download BIN logs over wifi?

Short question: What is the fastest way to download BIN logs over wifi?

I understand the bottleneck would be between the autopilot and the WiFi bridge. Why can’t this channel work as fast as the USB channel? I imagine the only difference would be an FTDI that must already be on the board connected to the chip’s serial port to provide a USB link.

Long history:

I usually download .BIN logs via USB. Occasionally, when the logs weren’t big, I used to use SiK radios. However, now I need to download a lot of full flight logs, easily reaching 60MB each. After a long day of work, this could easily amount to 20 logs.

I found some related posts:

However, I understand that the focus is on the use of telemetry. I would like all the .BIN.

So far, my best results have been using DroneBridge with an ESP32. I used an external antenna and a baud rate of 500,000. Above this baud rate, there are many errors.

Here are some tests with a log of approximately 60MB:

USB cable + Mission Planner = 3 minutes for download it
USB cable + Mission Planner w/ mavftp = 2m:20sec
USB cable + QGroundControl = 3m:30sec

ESP32 + DroneBridge:
Mission planner = Manny errors catching the log. No good download in many tries.
Mission planner w/ mavftp : = Seems to have much more errors.
MavProxy download: 1 error on screen but a good download at 18.5kB/s. Almost 90 minutes to download.
QGroundControl: The best result so far. 30kB/s and a download in 40 minutes.

So, does anyone have a better approach to that?

Any good results using DroneBridge or similar wifi bridges with better baud rates than 500,000?


obs: These are my WiFi settings: (DroneBridge in this test)


You can put something like raspberry pi that has builtin wi-fi module like rpi zero wireless on your drone, configure it for creating a wi-fi hotspot, then you can stream you mavlink to your computer when you connect this hotspot. It will still be slow but you can set log backend to log the data to raspberry pi then you can create a http server at the log directory to server the files over http. If the connection between rpi and flight controller is through USB, i think you can achieve better performance than serial connection.

Hi, yes, that is what I am doing with DroneBridge. The whole ideia is to get the .BIN logs from a disconnected flight.

The idea of downloading with the HTTP service is something rpanion-server can provide.