Low cost SiK alternatives?

It seems like 915Mhz Sik radios are all sold out and it seems no one plans to restock (I need a bunch). Aside from the ESP8266 / 2.4Ghz Wifi, what is a cheap alternative to the SiK radios that would be great for a backup to the WiFi? I was looking at perhaps the 900Mhz Xbee, but it seems like those are frowned upon. I wouldn’t want to crowed the Wifi range with an Xbee 3 (runs in the 2Ghz range). Thoughts?

Mro has them. With telemetry on the Transmitter with all models I use the ESP8266 radios for all else (configuration, calibration).

I understand your concern with the 2.4GHz band, but a couple of us have had some interesting successes using the proprietary ESP-Now feature of ESP8266 and ESP32 boards and external antennas. If you’re truly on a tight budget it’s worth a look. Otherwise, I’m with @dkemxr - go with mRo.

Oh, I’m totally down with ESP wifi - I have it already. The Now stuff is interesting. I was just looking for redundancy. I’ll check out MRo! Thanks for the tip.

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Either of you use this Scisky Mini Radio before? Seems to support Sik firmware.

Never heard of it. I’d be a little concerned about the built in antenna.

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Hobbyking used to sell those and I recall some using them on small craft. But I don’t remember what the performance was like. I would agree with Yuri that the range can’t be great.

There’s testing underway for an update to the sik hardware (si1000 being eol), using si1060. Branch is in GitHub.

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Is there a Multi-Point version available too?
I can’t find anything…