What is PID in arducopter and how does it work

Hello everyone, I’m having a hard time where to determine which pid settings are suitable for my vehicle, namely the quadcopter. The following is a log of the results of the manual tune that I have done, what do you think is missing from the manual tune that I did? Please comment and help Quadcopter Props 13x6.5 inch Sunnysky X4112S Weight: 3.8 kg

And what is the effect of increasing or decreasing the value of each P, I, and D during arducopter tuning ?

Here is the log file of my flying results :

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I would say the tuning is poor. Oscillation present in the Outputs and the Rate controller particularly Roll.
Update the firmware to 4.2.1
Configure Battery logging.
Configure the Dynamic Notch Filter
Run Auto Tune.

There are several guides regarding PID tuning. Google “ardupilot tuning” and you will find them.

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thanks for your replied sirr, what is the difference between firmware 4.2.1 and 4.1.5?

Arducopter Changelog

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How do you turn on batt logging ?

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In his case by configuring the battery monitor. If you don’t have it these do nothing:


Got it Batt_monitor - you just beat me to it !

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