What hardware supports GPS for yaw (except F9P)?

I am designing a 1.8m copter. There are a lot of equipment on the plane, and the magnetic interference is very large. I am looking for a solution to replace the compass. The F9P is very expensive! I’m glad you can give me advice.

Technically, the M8P can do it, but it tends to severely underperform the F9P, and I’d hate to see you waste money on a cheaper system only to find it inadequate.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s attempted a moving baseline config with M8Ps. I have not for the aforementioned concern.

For anyone who finds this topic simply in search of any F9P alternative, the Septentrio Mosaic-H is extremely impressive and performs admirably with ArduPilot, but it tends to be priced significantly higher than a pair of uBlox F9P modules.

I have never seen the Mosaic-H in a real product. Are they available at all?

Hello people i have a AR PRO only flown it a couple of time can any one guide me to the best folding prop please much appreciated

Hi @Yuri_Rage
I am building a Rover and wish to use GPS yaw with 2 x Drotek Sirius F9P on the rover and a Drotek Sirius RTK Base.

At the moment, I only have 1 x Drotek Sirius F9P connected to an Orange Cube as this is my first ever autopilot setup.
I’m new to this entire ecosystem and have some queries.

The supplied connector on UART1 of the Drotek only fits into GPS2 of Cube. It’s internally hardwired on the Drotek UART1.
When I eventually get the 2nd Drotek to setup GPS Yaw, how will this get connected to the Cube?
Don’t even know what the UART2 is needed for on the Drotek. Getting any support from them is useless so far.
Online chat and emails has gotten nowhere.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

@amilcarlucas, ArduSimple makes the SimpleRTK3B+Heading, which is quite expensive, but I’ve had the opportunity to use a couple of them, and they are excellent hardware.

@Nick_Alexander, my recommendation is to re-pin the connector for GPS1, using an 8-position JST-GH housing (Cube pinouts on this page). Alternatively, you can choose a different UART for GPS operation, but that may be problematic depending on DMA requirements.

Don’t worry about the lack of UART2 exposure. The Cube can handle RTCM3 throughput.

Thanks @Yuri_Rage.
Changing the pins out for the 8-position JST-GH should be fine.
What about adding the second Sirius unit?
Will this be possible amd if so, which connector to use?

You just connect it directly to GPS2…

@tomni, you might be interested in the ongoing discussion here regarding Skytraq hardware and a module called PX1172RH-HAT.

I cannot vouch for those options personally, and I suspect the performance may be disappointing, but the topic is worth following (or trying on your own if you’re willing to spend money on modules that may not produce desirable results).