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What does PSC mean?

Let me ask a question.

What is PSC?

I found this word in the full parameter list.

What does PSC stand for?

Hi, I think it stands for Position Controller :slightly_smiling_face:

Those parameters set how the vehicle responds to navigation commands (for example to make it more aggressive).

Thank you! @guglie

I used mavros to input velocity commands.

However, the velocity and PSC.TVX were different.

I seem to need more understanding.


Ok, so you’re talking about PSC message in the logs. You can try to share the log you’re looking at to see if somebody can help.
What was different? Commanded velocity / PSC.TVX?

Here’s a PSC log message legend:
TPX = Desired position in X
TPY = Desired position in X
PX = Current position X relative to the home location in cm
PY = Current position Y relative to the home location in cm
TVX = Desired velocity in X
TVY = Desired velocity in Y
VX = Current velocity X in cm/s
VY = Current velocity Y in cm/s
TAX = Desired acceleration in X
TAY = Desired acceleration in Y
AX = Current acceleration X in cm/s/s
AY = Current acceleration Y in cm/s/s

There’s an open thread on position controller tuning here where you can find some information.

exactly! @guglie

I don’t understand the difference between command velocity and target velocity.

The command velocity seems to be the target velocity after some filtering.


The velocity at which my test code publishes to mavros is GUID.vX / GUID.vY.

Moreover, it is 100 times different from the published velocity.

I share my log.

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