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What are the requirements for GUIDED_NOGPS mode?


(Fabian Faul) #1

Hi all,

I just tried using the GUIDED_NOGPS mode in SITL. It works pretty fine with GPS and compass enabled. However, if I turn GPS and compass off, it seems to work but does not show me the copter on the map. Therefore, I set the origin to some GPS coordinate and after that I only get EKF variance errors and the copter does immediately change to LAND mode. Now, I was wondering what the exact requirements for the GUIDED_NOGPS mode are. I thought it does neither need GPS nor compass.

Hope you can help me with that.


(Andras Schaffer) #2

Another way of relative positioning, such as Optical flow sensor. And you have to set home coordinates before takeoff, so you can see relative movement in MP.

(Fabian Faul) #3

Thanks @Eosbandi.
I want to fly without any positioning and by only providing roll, pitch and yaw angles or velocities to move the copter. When I provide nothing, the copter should just hover. Do you know if there is any possibility for that?

(mlebret) #4

Altitude Hold flight mode… to help maintaining altitude or Stabilize flight mode (without automatic altitude control) or Acro mode (if you need adrenaline).


(Fabian Faul) #5

Thanks @mlebret for the quick reply.
Of course I used those. I’ve forgotten to mention that I want to have an autonomous flight but without external positioning, like GPS or optical flow. The reason is that I have a positioning system (only position) which I want to employ. It is very precise but the connection is not so stable and if I try to use normal positioning modes the copter may be uncontrolled if I do not provide position any more.

(Andras Schaffer) #6

I’m afraid that is not possible with the pixhawk hardware. The accelerometers and gyroscopes are consumer grade sensors, so their error rate not good enough for navigation._

_With some fiber optic gyros or “tactical grade” mems sensors ( it could be possible with only a couple meters error, but not for long time, and the price of these are in the 1-10k usd range.

(ppoirier) #7

I suggest you look at an existing system like pozyx so you can compare method and configuration