Weird issue with Cube Black mapping from main to AUX 4in1 ESC

I have probably made a mistake somewhere along the configuration but I can’t find it.

I have installed T-Motor F55A 4in1 ESC, wired the esc1-4 to Cube AUX 1-4.
disabled SERVO1-6
mapped SERVO9-12 with 33-36
When I go to Motor Test than A and B are not working, however now I see B,C,E,F are working.
When I connect with BLHeli suite it complaints esc 1 and 2 not found.

Any insights?



Issue resolved after the clue found in the following article.

Turns out my FRAME_TYPE and FRAME_CLASS parameters has changed for some reason after update firmware to 3.6.8 .


Hey Gal. Have you got the telemetry side of the F55 talking to the cube?

Hi Vince,
Well, I did, however I was unable to connect to BLHeli suite though I think the configuration is correct.
For some weird reason I can’t.
But since I have no desire to make any changes to default as of yet, I don’t pursue it.

The latest BLheli suite didnt see any ECSs so I used an older one ( and it worked and configured just fine.

Thanks Vince, That what resolved it!