Viper Boards Pictures

Some pics of the viper boards that I took last week-end. (With Sonix board metal shield removed) and references to a few key components.

From left to right, Sonix video board (metal box RF shield removed), flight controller board with 4 LEDs and brushed motor leads, and GPS board with GPS Taoglass patch antenna on top of drone.

Flight controller board (bottom) Invensense ICM20789 triple axis gyros, accelerometers, and pressure sensor. NVT2008 level shifter.

Flight controller board (top) ARM STM32F427 MC and Cypress CYRF6936 2.4Ghz DSSS Radio;

Sonix video board: KLH 16Mb Flash, wifi module (didn’t dare to take the shield off).

Sonix video board. MicroSD card holder, Sonix 98671 video chip, including ARM9 400Mhz ARM926EJ-S MC.

GPS board, bottom side. Magnetometer via I2C, U-Blox EVA-M8M GPS via Serial


For reference … Besides the propeller screws, 4 kind of screws when disassembing the viper, depending on size, end point, and heads (with/without integrated washer)

From left to right:

  • (3) screws holding the Ardupilot FC board.
  • (2) screws holding the Sonix video board.
  • (1) screw holding the (black) JST battery connector.
  • (12) screws for the rest.


Thanks for the info Oliver, this looks like a great little pixhawk implementation that would be awesome to integrate into higher performance micro platforms.