Vibration caused by optical flow sensor

The quad copter performs quite well when I disabled optical flow sensor. However when I enabled the optical flow sensor, the quadcopter began to vibrate. Is it due to the reason that the altitude is out of the test range of the range finder? Here are my flight logs. Please view them below.

Firmware: apm v4.0.4
Autopilot: pixhawk1
Optical flow sensor: ThoneFlow-3901UY UART Serial Version PMW3901 Optical Flow Sensor
Rangefinder: Benewake TFmini

like this?

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For the second log:

The instants of high vibrations coincide with CTUN.ThO reaching high values. VIBE.Clip0 and VIBE.Clip1 also increase then.

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Are you using the harmonic notch? There is definitely a problem between the harmonic notch and EKF when using OF. I have not been able to get to the bottom of it.

Quite similarly to the video except that I used loiter mode.

Try FHLD_FILT_HZ around 2

Interesting finding. I think this is probably due to the rangefinder. I did several flight test
Today, and I noticed that there were sudden increase in motor speed, which lifted the copter abruptly, and then the copter became unstable horizontally.

Ok,I’ll try that tomorrow. It’s dark outside now. Thanks, bro.

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I don’t think I have a harmonic notch. Is that an additional device or is it built in the flight controller?