UAVCAN autopilot node ID

I’m getting UAVCAN setup on my vehicle where I have multiple CAN nodes talking. One of my devices has a nodeID of 10. However, the autopilot seems to also default to nodeID 10 which causes conflicts with a duplicate nodeID. Even after setting CAN_D1_UC_NODE=1, the autopilot still sometimes has a hard time and goes back to nodeID 10. According to this post Configuring Ardupilot for UAVCAN, the default arducopter flight controller nodeID is 10 (which is consistent with what I am seeing). However according to this documentation UAVCAN Interaction · MAVLink Developer Guide, the ardupilot nodeID should be 1 (matching the MAVlink component ID) " otherwise serious inconsistencies may arise".

Which brings me to few questions:

  1. Why does Ardupilot have a default nodeID of 10 if it should match the the mavlink component ID of 1?

  2. Why does setting CAN_D1_UC_NODE=1 sometimes not actually set the uavcan nodeID to 1?

  3. What “serious inconsistencies” or other problems will I face if I keep the ardupilot nodeID at 10 (instead of the recommended nodeID of 1) and change my other device nodeID to something else?


Sorry I can’t tell from the Ardupilot interface if this was a message to me or a general post to a thread I was following. I always left the flight controller and 10 and set my other devices to higher addresses. I never had a problem. I can’t answer about setting CAN_D1_UC_NODE=1 because I was never compelled to try.

It was just a generic post, but thanks for the reply Mike. I’m planning on just leaving my autopilot as 10 but while I was referencing the above linked documentation it says the autopilot should be 1. I just wanted to know if that was for some reason more than just a convention or if I’ll have some other problems if I keep it at 10. Good to know you didn’t run into any issues.