UAV Log Viewer: vehicle shapes?

The vehicles shape shown by the UAV Log Viewer seem messed.

For example, for .bin log files obtained with SITL all happens as if the plotter program at the server interprets the vehicle type but not the vehicle frame type, but for other situations it is not so clear.

For example, for real (not SITL) .bin or .tlog logs, rover can appear as a boat (.bin)

or as an aeroplane (.tlog)

More details here.

On the contrary, MP when used as GCS for SITL shows the correct shape (drone, aeroplane, rover, boat, submarine…).

BTW, this is the nice and ellaborate submarine shape shown by the UAV Log Viewer (./ -v ArduSub -f vectored…):

(An observation: when finishing a SITL simulation appears file mav.tlog. Uploading it to the UAV Log Viewer appears the vehicle shape that the UAV Log Viewer will show when uploading the .bin log file just obtained).

Responding to myself:

It seems it is being considered, but long time ago.

Would be necessary for:

which now requires screen video capture.

Please, consider helicopters and balance bots
and note the discrepancy above .bin/.tlog.