Trying to control arduplane with joystick requires MAVLink MANUAL_CONTROL support message HELP PLEASE

Hello I would like to control my arduplane via my gamepad / joystick and It will not work because I keep getting this message in qgroundcontrol or other GCS

Joystick support requires MAVlink MANUAL_CONTROL support. The firmware you are running does not normally support this.

how can I add support on my firmware for this?

PLEASE please someone help me I have been trying until im blue in the face and I can not figure this out.

thank you I am willing to buy someone a fancy dinner on me (paypal) if they help me with this

please and thank you

I don’t think you’d get this message from anything other than QGroundControl. ArduPilot requires RC_OVERRIDE support to implement joystick which QGC does not support. I believe Mission Planner supports ArduPilot joystick.

Wieland: MP (mission Planner) accommodates joystick functionality, Very easy to set up and really nice to use.
I use joystick with MP and enjoy it to the point I don’t even use my R/C any longer.
I am a arduboater so my cases is not the same as arduplane or arducopter. But my point is MP facilitates joystick/game pad.

I have a parrot disco fixed wing which has parrot chuck flight board that runs arduplane

I’ve tried using mission planner also and I haven’t had much luck

Thank you

Is there a way to test and see if my firmware supports rc_channel_override ?

If not is there a way I can add this support by changing some code ?

Thank you very much

FYI: this is being implemented in plane.

I’ll be fixing this up in QGC daily builds soon. So you should get ardupilot joystick support using QGC.

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