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Time resolution in log file


I am trying to understand what is the best timing resolution of GPS logs I can get. Currently it seems it is 100msec.

GPS time is recorded in my logs in a granularity of 100 msec since 6Jan1980 and I read it in the CAM event

I need to know the CAM event on a finer resolution.

Is it possible to get this tag at a finer resolution? At what frequency does the navigation module or EKF is working at? Even if the GPS is updating at 1,5,10 Hz, navigation solution can happen faster and then the log can be maybe tens of msec (maybe faster?).

Is it possible to control this resolution in MP?

Tnx !

No, it is not possible without changing the source code.
Each message is logged at different frequencies, there is no such thing as a single global logging frequency.

Tnx @amilcarlucas Is it possible to control the CAM/TRIG tag frequencies then?

Search this forum, I’m sure there is some info about that here.

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