Tilt-rotor VTOL Bicopter

Hi i’m trying to build a bicopter tiltrotor for a fixed wing, i built this simple table with 2 tilt motors for test,

but i’m confused about the configuration, my goal is to get something like this

  • Vtol take off with 2 motors tilting.
  • Transition to plane .
  • Flight like a plane.
  • Transition back to vtol.
  • Vtol land with 2 motors tilting.

I’ve been looking at many topics, but I don’t get anything useful.
Can someone help me?
Thank you very much in advance.

Check this thread…

i,ve already tested this, but i´m going to test it again, in case i committed an error.
This week i’ll post the results.

Hello, I’m trying to build a similar plane. Have you succeeded?

any one get succeed for this platform?