Tilt-rotor Quadplane not transitioning in Auto mode

The aircraft won’t transition from VTOL to fixed wing during an auto mission. I can get successful transitions when i manually switch from Q-Loiter to FBWA and back.

Flight plan is:
1 VTOL_takeoff
2 Waypoint
3 Waypoint
4 Waypoint
5 Return to Launch

I ARM, switch to auto, it takes off and climbs to set altitude then heads towards next waypoint in VTOL mode, hits waypoint 2 then heads toward waypoint 3 still in VTOL mode.

Data file is too big to attach here. Any suggestions on what the issue is? Thanks

You need some do transition waypoints to tell it to transition

Found the issue here: (Solved) Quadplane auto mission (does not change to fixed wing unless "Do_Vtol_Transition" command is added)

I had Q_Enable set to 2. Changed it to 1, works now.