Tilt Rotor Multicopter

Can anyone please post the procedures on how to build a Tilt-rotor multicopter using pixhawk ?

Here’s a link to the QuadPlane section of the Wiki.

There’s also a lot of discussion about the tilt rotor aircraft made by MFE. Here’s a link to the Freeman 2100 thread. There’s a lot of information in that thread which would apply to other tilt rotor projects.

Which Pixhawk are you using? Are you building your tilt rotor from a kit?

Hi Mr. Degn

I’m gonna use Pixhawk Cube Orange.
I’ have not decided on any kit for the tilt rotor. Suggestions if any are appreciated.

I’m new to ArduPilot myself. I have a couple Freeman 2100 kits ordered but the main reason I selected those was I liked the Believer airplane the Freeman aircraft is based on. I have an Orange Cube in the mail myself but I don’t have any experience using one yet.

The links I provided earlier are the best sources of information of which I’m aware.

Deciding which aircraft to use will likely depend on how fast you need it and where it is available. I was able to order a MFE Fighter 4+1 from the USA Banggood warehouse and it arrived 3 days later. As you are likely aware, orders from China can take a couple of months if you don’t pay for fast shipping.

So far, I’ve only ordered MFE frames but I know FoxTech is another source of VTOL aircraft They have at least one tilt rotor aircraft. The Nimbus is their tilt rotor aircraft I’ve heard about. I think FoxTech sells complete systems with all the gear already installed and configured. These systems cost much more than if a person were to build the aircraft themselves.

I’m not recommending FoxTech and I’m not saying FoxTech is bad. I don’t know. I’m just sharing what little I know about this topic.

Make sure to check this section of the Wiki. It lists several different QuadPlanes known to work with ArduPilot.

Thanks Mr. Degn

My query is not about a product already available in the market. I wanna build a Tilt rotor multicopter on my own. Planning for an X8 configuration.

So, I need support in the above with the techniques on how to go about it.