Thrust stand for Agriculture drone motors

I am curious to know that how could a thrust stand/bench test be constructed for Hobbywing combo motors which has ESC inbuilt, is there a way to measure rpm and current through any ESC, as in LY 30 kg trust stand I saw, there are two wires connected to the two terminal of motor is then connected to ESC, why is that, actually, I want a thrust that measures thrust, torque, current, power, and also RPM, any suggestions for this build, and one more requirement I want the data live on a GUI any option source options available ? for this type of applications

We use this one, works great, and meets the requirements you described

There are others described in How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

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By the way, one of the core developers, Matt Kear created an open source thrust stand.

Isn’t it the motor manufacturer already done that for the user? Do you mean it can’t be trusted or you plan to use it outside the recommended voltage or other condition?

Which hobbywing combo motor are you looking at?