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Thrust loss problem and MOT_THST_EXPO adjustment


I was out flying and experienced “thrust loss” messages, and “landed” pretty hard in a pile of sand… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using a durandal H7 on copter 4.0.3.

Can someone with some idea about thrust loss take a look at this log?

I just had a quick look, and it seems like there is a loss of voltage? And its wierd that motor 1 (front right - rcou.c9) and motor 2 (back left - rcou.c10) are running so much slower than motor 3 (front left - rcou.c11) and 4 (back right - rcou.c12)…

Before i tried to fly i followed the tuning process and measured the thrust curve of the motor, and read this mot_thst_expo thread

I adjusted the MOT_THST_EXPO, MOT_SPIN_MIN/MAX/ARM accordingly, but it looked rather wierd…, but i changed them anyway. Following is a screenshot of the calculations (from a spreadsheet in the docs somewhere), and the log file. The current was not used in the calculations, so i did not include them (the values shown are NOT from these measures)

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