Throttle reverse (gear)

Hey, ya’ll!

I am using Ardurover firmware and I can’t figure out how to make the rover reverse when the Throttle stick is “below” the middle position.

So I would like the Throttle to work so that in the middle position the motor stops. When I forward the Throttle stick the model moves forward and when I reverse the stick position I get a reverse gear.

It seems like a very basic thing for a rover, but I somehow can’t find proper materials for that.

Can someone help?

If I just select “RC1” instead of “Throttle” in “Servo Output” menu in the Misison Planner I get the exact behavior that I want. The downside is in that case the arm / disarm and mode functions do not work, because the Pixhawk is just bypassing the RC signal.

When I am looking at he “Servo Output” screen in Mission Planner I can see that min is 1000, trim is 1500 and max 1900 for Throttle. But actually the stick goes from 1500 to 1900 (and does not allow to go below 1500).

is you RC1_TRIM also at 1500?

@iampete . No it’s 982 right now (I don’t know why that kind of number).

set it to 1500, and try that

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Hey @iampete! Man you’re a genious! That worked. I am so happy right now! :smiley:


Also, check the RC3_TRIM. My problem was that RC3_TRIM was 982 by default. Tune it up to 1500 and everything is OK.