TF MINI S set up

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to this kind of integration, i tried understanding from the various topics that have been posted by @ppoirier and other people but still cannot manage to get my TF MINI S to work with my set up. (image below)

What i am looking for is some sort of extensive and detailed manual or description and some guidance on how to set up 5 TF MINI S to be used as obstacle avoidance system on a quadcopter. the orientation of the TF MINI S will be:

  • forward
  • backward
  • right side
  • left side
  • downward

All your inputs are very much appreciated.

EDIT: I am using the last version of MP to set up the parameters and stuff.

Thank you all in advance.

Good day, if you need setup TF mini-S like a tower, you need set for every sensor a different i2c address and wire it on an Arduino board.
Me I’ve choose CAN protocol for the TF mini S… im still working on it

Thank you for your answer.

Could you advise some circuit diagram/schematics and code/library to use on arduino.
Since i am quite new to this kind of integration, the more information i get the more helpful it will be to achieve this.


you can look this page and in case of advices you can to the developer of this

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this will be for sure helpful, i did not see that post. I will check it and let you know if i still need some help