Telemetry Wiring

Hi guys,

I have a pixhawk 2.1 and a 3DR radio telemetry kit. The telemetry cable that came with the pixhawk has 6 cables, while the 3dr radio has only 4.

Does anyone have a wiring chart of the input of the telemetry to the pixhawk 2.1 so I can make an adapter for the 3DR radio?

Picture shows Pixhawk 2.1 telemetry above and 3DR radio below.


I am pretty sure my cube came with a cable with the right connections on each end to plug it right in
look back in the box

I had exactly the same problem - this is the document you are looking for

I ended up cutting and re-soldering the cables rather than trying to change the connector on either cable

Pretty sure it was the 4 & 5 cables that were not needed


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Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for.

@pyrate The pixhawk only comes with the more modern I2C cable - the same as all the other connections. There was no DF13 to the new type. Also the telemetry out in this case wasn’t DF13 but another type, I’ll pop up a photo when I get a chance.

So knowing the red as positive and black as ground on the telemetry cable I numbered ground as 1, green 2, yellow 3 and positive 4. On the pixhawk 6pin DF13 to new connection, I numbered Ground 1, skipped the one next to ground, then 2, 3, positve 4. Matched these numbers and it worked.

Pic attached:

All I know is I hooked my old telemetry radio up with the old style connection and what was in the box