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What Is The Pin Layout For Pixhawk 2.1 Telemetry Port?


(Marcus Hayhurst) #1

Would anyone be able to provide the Telemetry Port 1 pin layout for Pixhawk 2.1? Is it the same as the original Pixhawk or different?

(Hunt0r) #2

A document is linked in this post: Telemetry Wiring

Does this give the info you need?

(Anton Danici) #3

(Marcus Hayhurst) #4

Yes, thank you! I believe this is what I’m looking for. It appears the PH2.1 telemetry connections are reversed from the original PH.

I purchased an Insight SE 5G 1080P 200mW Full HD Digital Video System. The Insight SE 5G has a 4 pin JST-SH port on it and apparently transmits telemetry data embedded in it’s video signal. I’m making a cable to go from the 4 pin JST-SH to the PH2.1 JST-GH telemetry port so that’s why I needed this info. One thing that caught my attention is the Insight SE 5G’s 4 pin JST-SH port lists a 3V power but I believe the PH2.1 provides 5V power? (It’s the “TTL Wire” diagram)

(Marcus Hayhurst) #5

Thank you for the help everyone! I was able to figure this out and now have both telemetry data and video feed going through the Insight SE 5G.

(Andrej šlegl) #6

Hey there, how is the video transmission? Is the latency acceptable?