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Analog Airspeed Sensor on Pixhawk 2.1

(Jutze Müller) #1

How do i wire an the analog airspeed sensor (3 Pins, 5 Volt) to the new Pixhawk 2.1 board??? There is no ADC 6.6V connector…

Thank you very much

(Hunt0r) #2

In this post, a pinout document is linked which suggests the ADC is for 5V analog sensing: Telemetry Wiring

Here’s a 2nd attempt at the dropbox link:

(Samira Habli) #3


I have the same problem, I’m wondering if you could guide me through that?


(henrik04) #4

It is as simple as adding two resistors in between your sensor (0 to 5 volts outputs) and the pixhawk 2 ADC input. :slight_smile: Pixhawk-ADC-Scaling

Will cost you a whooping five cents! :wink:


(henrik04) #5


Of course you can power your sensor (if compatible voltage) from the same ADC little 3 pin JST GH 1.25mm connector.

(MickeM) #6

What kind of sensor is this analog sensor? I have an Pihawk airspeed sensor I got a long while ago for the Pihxawk “1”. Looks exakt like this:,2,900,500&quality=2880
And its called Pixhawk PX4 Differential Airspeed Sensor.

Will that one work on Pixhawk 2.1? (Hexaero Cube).