Telemetry radio on quad not connecting to ground station radio

Hi all,

In the past my telemetry modules were able to connect (sold green light on both ends) and communicate. However for some reason after a quad redesign my quad module has a solid green light implying it has connected whereas my ground station module has a flashing green light. They are not able to communicate with each other.

I have not changed any firmware on either of the modules. I have, however, changed to a new Pixhawk. I did not think this would make any difference to the connection process however. There is a dim flashing red light on the transmitter, and I have checked both telemetry ports on the Pixhawk with no luck.

Here are my SERIAL1 params:

And my ground module settings (unchanged from when they were working):
The remote section beside this is blank, as they are not communicating with each other.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Let me check this for you.

Connect directly to a remote radio (usb to serial cable) and check settings. Flashing green light means the parameters are not match, perhaps the config of the remote radio was reset.

Did you removed the DTR/CTS wires on the remote radio and between Cube ? (you should)

Asim, this has nothing to do with config. Blinking green means not connection between radios…

Yes I know, I was simply pointing him out that there is a known issue when it comes to firmware upload…so just FYI for him if he comes across this issue as well.

His problem is as you pointed out, is most likely DTR/CTS wires.

My radios do not have DTR / CTS wires. I assumed it was faulty so have purchased another one.

Thank you for your help!

Unless you shorted something it’s unlikely it’s faulty. I must have a dozen of these radios from actual 3DR units to the cheapest eBay versions and they all work and have never failed. I don’t really understand the sporadic issues some are having. The only way I can reproduce them is to do something wrong… Certainly it’s not pervasive because they only pop up occasionally.

Sporadic issues seem to be pretty common for me at the moment! Been having very random Pixhawk, GPS, telemetry and power module issues with no obvious causes. Not sure how common that is for this hobby! I’m sure its most likely a fault of my own, but I’ve certainly not had an easy time trying to debug it all!

I’m having a similar issue here, mine don’t find each other either. Never got to the bottom of it.

There are some know issues out there. Read my thread…