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Telemetry Radios not finding each other

Hi, I’ve got a set of telemetry radios that won’t speak to each other, I know they used to work a few years back but at some point they stopped talking (probably me messing with settings) and I put them aside but I now want to use them again. I can connect to them both in Mission planner, one over USB, one over FTDI, the settings are identical and I’ve restored to default but they still don’t seem to talk, both just blink green (or the air one blinks red and green when on the pixhawk which I think is not connected but transmitting). Any ideas?

telemetry 3dr radio

Hi I’m having exactly the same problem, did you find a solution? I can’t reflash them either as it says “no port” in Mission Planner.

No sorry, still no luck I was hoping someone here would be able to help.

In the end I ordered a new set cheap online and they work fine with no setup or issues. Hope you can sort yours out or just bin them!

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