Tattu CAN/SMBUS batteries are supported?


Does these batteries are supported?

Tattu Plus 1.0 22000mAh 44.4V 25C 12S1P Lipo Battery Pack with AS150U plug

Can we have information in our ground station?.

Thank you

Hmm, the advertisement does not mention any relevant standard, so it is hard to tell, it does mention ISO9001, ISO14001 but that’s mostly used as a marketing gimmick.
SBS1.1 is supported, and that is what they should have used.
Tattu made “smart” batteries before, actually they were dumb as a stone and had a LED row that could indicate “charge” based on voltage, not actual SoC, and there were no internal cell balancing/monitoring.
So you may hope this is where they actually developed something good.
Send them an email and ask pro protocol or SBS1.1.

Tattu give me the informations with detailed protocol.

You can have a look on the bottom of this file.
Spec for TATTU 1.0 22AH 12S1P 20190726.pdf (951.5 KB)

Yes, that looks like UAVCAN, and should work.

Did anybody ever get this working?