Swarming with ESP8266

Hello all, I am working on a project for work and have hit a roadblock. I have been tasked with creating a swarm of 5 pixhawk multirotors, all of which need to be connected to one ground station. Using an ESP8266 module from Adafruit, we need to get all of the drones to connect to one wifi network which is being hosted on the ground. We have all of the hardware in place to do so, and the setup part of the code for the ESP8266 set so that it is consistently connecting to our network. What I am struggling with now is how to get the mavlink protocol passed through the ESP8266 down to our ground station. Any experience or help with this would be greatly appreciated since I am not sure where to go from here. Thank you

the basic functionality of a MAVLink Wifi bridge can be found here:
esp wifi bridge

A further good read of swarming experiments are found in the blog.
Blog 2

Good luck!!


That’s cool, i really like to work with same stuffs what you trying to do, i know related to swarming there are now many resources available what you are trying to do, i will have to explore myself too to share, but tbh in your case i think c_mavlink and socket programming probably be enough to bail you out, that’s the minimalist approach i can think of

Thank you, this should work great!

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Me and my partner on the project don’t have much experience on either c_mavlink or socket programming. We are both college students studying UAS and I have an engineering minor and he has a comp sci major as well but we’re both lost as to where to go from here. I think VRquaeler was pretty spot on with what we needed with those blog posts.