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Swag idea - Stickers

(John R) #1

Does Ardupilot have stickers? Everyone loves to dress up their planes with stickers…

(jpkh) #2

Hi @Rusty_Jones no we don’t have yet any official stickers yet. There was some small amount of stickers made earlier but this is one real important issue that we need to tackle on.

Many people has already asked some stickers/decals and they will be there eventually. What is needed? A good list of what type of stickers people would like to have and something that we can fit on let’s say A4 size decal.

Do we want to have transparent, with white background, silkscreened, die-cutted etc.

We can start to work on those details on this thread…


(Matt) #3

Someone on one of the Solo facebook groups had stickers made for several things, including some ArduPilot stickers. They look good.

(jpkh) #4

Is that on a black background or transparent. It might be that it’s even single letters and been cut with sticker cutting machine. That is one way to do it for sure. Silkprinted decals with die cut is naturally much easier to handle when doing quantities.

We have few shops close to my office where we could make these type stickers too. Will check with them too.

Silk printing is one possibility too and rather easy for us to do as I have at my office our own silkprinting machine but we don’t have die cut. Well I suppose people could use scissors to trim their stickers in first ?!? :slight_smile:

(jpkh) #5

Sample sticker decals that we plan to send today to one sticker company that we have used here many years. They look ok at least on White PVC but we plan to check how these look on transparent PVC too. Pink thin line is for DIE CUT. There will be more like ArduSub, ArduRover and so on but gotta start from somewhere :slight_smile:

(Matt) #6

The individual letters peel off the screen so there actually isn’t any background.

(jpkh) #7

Yeah I was thinking that too. There are special techniques to make those. Tricky part is to make stuff aligned as those letters are cut separately color by color and on final sticker you need to join colors together. But can be done, just a bit laborious.

Friend of mine back in Finland used to have a sticker company and we made similar 2-3 color stickers now and then.

(jpkh) #8

Comments on sticker sizes? Please measure some of your equipment and propose some sizes.

On decals above die cut sizes were, there is 2mm empty space around diecut and sizes below is total size of the sticker.

  • ArduPilot: 155 x 27mm
  • ArduPlane: 172 x 27mm
  • ArduCopter: 180 x 27mm

We are running test prints for those both on white pvc and transparent pvc. transparent pvc needs some lighter background to be strong enough but overall they are fine. I used to make some jDrones stickers on transparent already.

(jpkh) #9

And we got die cut stickers… Here are first samples. Rover/sub etc will come a bit later

Letters are 23mm high, width from 150 to 176mm

These stickers have clear transfer tape on top, easy to mount your stickers where ever you want.

(John R) #10

Nice, how do we get?

(jpkh) #11

@Rusty_Jones & all, we are finalizing few things first and then everyone can start buying those along many others swag. Official announcement will follow soon :slight_smile:

(jpkh) #12

To all of you from all of us:

(Matt) #13

Outstanding!! I’ve been wanting an ArduPilot bumper sticker for the Jeep!

(jpkh) #14

We just added two more DIE CUT stickers to swag shop:



Later tomorrow we will add comparison picture to all those products on how they look against different backgrounds. Naturally DIE Cut stickers are the best ones. (Mind the background color and transfer tape)

(Matt) #15

I blasted this out to all the Solo facebook groups and forum. Hopefully that will pull in some business to support what really is the heart of the Solo!

(Matt) #16

@jpkh Already been asked on facebook… are there any plans to support payment methods other than paypal?

(jpkh) #17

There are possibilities of supporting other methods but in generally 90% of the transactions are done in PP (yeah i know…) We are looking to have google,amazon and other payment gateways too. And even wiretransfers / Western Union are possible if there is enough demand for those.

We are open to all suggestions.

(Matt) #18

OK cool. A traditional “enter your credit card here” checkout is not in the plans though?

(jpkh) #19

That is one for sure. We just need to integrate with companies like 2Checkout etc.

(John R) #20

Any chance there is design for Ardutracker? I am 3D printing one and would love to incorporate the design into the printed parts.