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Swag idea - Stickers

(jpkh) #21

Here are few pics that are meant for tracker use. We don’t have real ArduTracker text but I supposed we could make one.

(John R) #22

I like! and i think ‘Station’ more accurately describes the system, as opposed to ‘tracker’ . Maybe we should think about renaming the firmware to Ardustation?

(ppoirier) #23

ArduStation Track it :wink:

(Matt) #24

I like the name. But that sort of implies it is a GCS in my mind. In fact if we were starting Mission Planner from scratch today, that would be a great name for a GCS!

IMO, ArduTracker would be appropriate, since that is what it’s doing. It doesn’t have to be for radios and antennas. It can be used to point anything at anything it is tracking. I might put a sticker on it that says ArduCIWS :slight_smile:

(John R) #25

Add a RasPi running Maverick or just Mavproxy, and it could be a ‘station…’

(jpkh) #26

Just added few more decals. Rover and Sub. Now we have all ArduPilot, Plane, Copter, Rover and Sub in swag shop. These all have white background. There is also full die cut with transfer stickers in shop. Got get one or two or three :slight_smile:

(jpkh) #27

Made one picture with comparison of all 3 main type stickers. Die cut, Clear PVC and White PVC. Helps to choose type of your stickers. Clear decals will be added during the weekend. They look good too but it’s best to use them on light background.

Gray wing section with sample stickers:

(jpkh) #28

More stickers in SWAG shop now.

  • 23mm high (All texts)
  • 50mm high (All texts)
  • 75mm high (All texts)
  • 60cm x 14cm rear window stickers