Suggestions on increasing max acceleration with minimal testing

Currently my flight profile looks a bit like this:

While in fact, I would like to have it at 5m/s for a longer time. That would help tremendously in verification for a project I am working on.

Now, I found that I could increase some tuning parameters in the advanced tuning settings:
An important note, however, is that I only have one day at which I can test (due to protocols at work), so I can not make risky adjustments to the P, I, and D. Can anyone advise me on whether this is indeed the best place to look, and if yes, what levels of increase (in P and I, I assume) would be advisable?

Any empirical results / rules of thumb to save me testing time would be appreciated.


  • Foxtech Hover 1
  • CubeOrange



I’m almost certain that altering throttle gains will not achieve your goal.

Where do you have ANGLE_MAX set?