Starting AutoTune from default PID values or from PID-values of a similar copter?

Dear all,

I have a copter with a TOW of about 10Kg with 17"props. Now, I will auto tune a similar copter with 20" props and also with 21" props with a TOW of about 12Kg.

Should I start the AutoTune with the default PID values from a fresh firmware install or should I manually write drown the PID values from the similar copter and start the autotune with this "old " PID settings?

The PID values from a similar copter looking completely different to the default values. Should I also change 20Hz to 10Hz?

The Copter is equipped with the “Kore Carrier Board” and the Cube black with stable version, 3.6.8.

Thanks for your help!!!

I’d start w/ the values from the similar copter, including the filter setting.