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(Olivier Brousse) #61

Marco, this is a late response but just in case. With Qgroundcontrol you just need to launch the application and connect, QGC will scan and appropriately connect to UDP port 14550. With Mission planner just connect and pick UDP option, same. Not sure with Tower, haven’t tried.

(Greg Leggett) #62

Forgive me, I’m new here … I just took my 2450gps for a flight, amazingly simple!
How does one fly it autonomously - point to point? remember, I’m new!

(Dave) #63

Configure an Auto Flight mode with one of the button press options via the Web server application. Then connect to a ground control station like Mission Planner, plan your mission and upload it to the craft. Then when you are ready to start the mission select Auto and it will proceed with the mission as planned. There are several things here you have to become familiar with (Arducopter in general, flight modes, Web Server, Mission Planner) but that’s the gist of it.

(Scott Thompson) #64

I think my transmitter got bricked when it got the firmware from the App. after I restarted it following the prompts it now just shows a red light and freezes. Have to remove batteries to get it to turn off. The “Force Pair” method doesn’t work either. Any way to unbrick it? Or should i box it up and take it back to Academy?