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(rmackay9) #41

It’s actually got a small companion computer on there, the sonix, which is also running open source code (link) and is responsible for the wifi telemetry and video. Still, it’s pretty small and i’m not sure what operating system (if any) is on there so probably not what you need.
The flight controller has I2C and serial ports available although it will require some solding being there are no connectors. This means it is definitely possible to attach other sensors and/or companion computer.
I hope to publish the hardware details of where these I2C and serial ports are on our wiki. I just need the info from @prowse.

(tridge) #42

The Sonix is running FreeRTOS.
It does have a bit of spare CPU and memory if what you want to do isn’t too complex.

(Dean) #43

Hello Mark
Please check this linkbGtpZD0xMTc2Njc2NQ==
I have had several issues with 2 SV maybe it’s the same with yours. Let me know

(Marco1) #44

Hey dean thank you but i couldnt get link to work…

(Dean) #45
Try this. The picture should say not meshed gear

(rmackay9) #46

Thanks to James, I’ve just received the info on the board’s pins for I2C, Serial and a bunch of other things and I’ve added to the skyrocket wiki page.

This should open the door for other sensors to be connected to the skyrocket’s flight controller and I’m also keen to try removing the Sonix board (which does wifi telemetry and video) and try connecting it to a regular Pixhawk. Apparently it should work.

(Jagger) #47

One supplier in the UK as far as I can see.Haven’t been able to get one yet.They have just got proper stocks for home delivery in and the price is £130.Nobody else has it over here and it’s only now we can actually get a hold of one.Hope it’s ok to post a link.

It’s a shame they don’t mention Arducopter in the ad.

(erm…the Viper is in the post ).

(Marco1) #48

Yeah it looks like ive got some of the same problems as you had…did your
2nd sv have gps issues like the wandering?

(Dean) #49

I have not flown the second SV yet, but it has a mesh issue however not as severe. Will be trying soon.

Have you found the same gear slip issue on your SV and if so which rotor?

(Marco1) #50

Well mine flys alright but the gears are loose all the way around but i
dont think there slipping…just some odd behavior.

Under system status in the gps column the EKF status pops between bad and
good every so often? You know what that means?

(Dean) #51

Hello Marco, the efk is the quality of GPS lock on satellite signal.

I have attached a link describing the process for this

(Marco1) #52

Im such a newbie…that told me so much…Thanks boss! So the bad is not so
bad…lol…another question…you know how to adjust trim on indoor mode?

(Dean) #53

Hello Marco, I don’t believe their are any adjustments that can be made on this controller for indoor mode since their are no trim buttons
I was able to fly the second SV first time today and it was great!

(Dave) #54

You would typically not use transmitter trim on a multirotor, this is accomplished with the accelerometer calibration. I found the factory calibration to be good but you can perform this calibration easily via the web server App.

(Dean) #55

Thank you Dave for info on that. I just began flying inside and it drifts a bit. I will recalibrate the accelerometer and try.

(Jagger) #56

I find flying inside more difficult than outside to be honest.You make your own wind patterns indoors and there are walls everywhere. :grinning:

(Marco1) #57


Awesome! Glad your up and flying! Its a fun little drone even if it
wanders a bit. If i binded the craft with a controller that had trim would
that work??

(tridge) #58

movement in indoor mode (ALT_HOLD mode) is caused by small amounts of accel calibration error. You can never get rid of this completely without an external velocity sensor (eg. optical flow sensor)
movement in GPS mode (LOITER mode) is either small variations in GPS data, or problems with compass calibration.
RC trim doesn’t help with either

(Jagger) #59

The slappy rotor pins remind me of the steering on an old Land Rover I once had.I’m wanting to graphite sleeve them for some reason.

I 've had mine a week and haven’t even taken it apart yet.I must remedy that.

(Marco1) #60

Thanks tridge! And sorry for the late reply. Curious if anyone has a
detailed vid or description of connecting sky viper to Qground control or
tower or any gsc that might work with it? Ive tried qground and tower but
not sure how to connect?