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SkyRocket and ArduPilot


(Kurt shaw) #21

Brad th guy I talked to said they probably turned of pre-ordering do to high demand. They don’t want to sale more than they receive.

(tridge) #22

Looks like its now available!

(mike kelly) #23

I rest my case. Target has the V2450GPS listed and titled as the V2450 HD!

(rmackay9) #24

Thanks for the link. I’ll ping the skyviper people - maybe they can get Target to update the description.

(mike kelly) #25

I hope so, they don’t need that on their introduction of the new product. Rumors indicate that Best Buy has pre-sold a lot of the product so I wish them the best.

(Robert Mapes) #26

I picked up the new SkyViper with Ardupilot (white), which appeared on Target shelves yesterday. Interestingly, the box was mixed in with the very similar boxes containing the (black) non-Ardupilot version. Athough marked with an Ardupilot logo, the boxes look nearly identical, so people were opening the boxes of both versions to ensure what version they were getting. This similarity in product number and packaging will no doubt confuse many of the sales associates at Target, and it may lead some people to shy away from buying an open box item.
Perhaps a different size box or at least a different color box would help.

(Dave) #27

I just asked the guy at Target for the V2450GPS model and out came the right unit.

(rmackay9) #28

Looks like the Target website has been updated with the correct product name so I guess the message got through! ;-).

The key to differentiating them is the ArduPilot version has a white body and that should be visible on the box. I’m sure @rma153 is right thought that there’s going to be confusion… it’s already happening!

(mike kelly) #29

In addition Target is offering a $25 discount on the V2450GPS!

(tridge) #30

I’ve done a new firmware release for the SkyViper here:

Changes since the last stable release are:

  • added new DO_SET_HOME functionality for app
  • prevent throttle RTL cancel if outside of geo-fence
  • fixed STM32 errata flash write bug
  • fixed RF strength in SITL
  • forced fence off in ALT_HOLD mode in all circumstances
  • always force RTL when outside fence in LOITER
  • filter battery voltage for battery failsafe
  • new battery alarm tone on TX from Zech, and alarm played more rapidly
  • don’t allow RTL stick input when outside the fence
  • allow throttle for climb in RTL when inside fence
  • don’t do RTL cancel with throttle
  • don’t do land cancel with throttle if low battery failsafe is active
  • raised battery failsafe voltage to 3.43V which adds about 40 seconds to RTL time
  • improved calculation of descent rate close to the ground
  • improved landing detection when frame is being influenced by wind on the ground
  • added throttle limiting as you approach the fence height in ALT_HOLD mode, preventing users from going through the fence height in ALT_HOLD by climbing rapidly. This also forces descent below fence height in ALT_HOLD if the user does somehow get above fence height.
  • if the user does manage to get above the fence height then RTL will descend to the fence height
  • increased the margin for the fence to 3 meters (from 2 meters)
  • increased LAND_SPEED_HIGH from 150 to 350 for faster initial descent when landing
  • fixed an issue that Matt noticed where the compass in-flight auto-cal finishing could cause a sudden climb or descent of a few meters.

As usual, the ArduPilot code changes are here:

Happy flying!

(tridge) #31

I’ve added some tips on using throw mode on the skyviper here:

(tridge) #32

The firmware source for the Sonix video board on the skyviper is now available here:

(Robert Mapes) #33

Is it possible to add a USB port to the skyviper custom STM32 board

(James Pattison) #34

There are pads for just that

(James Pattison) #35

I didn’t look to see if there is a 5v regulator though, so best double check that. Or don’t connect the 5V line on the USB.

(tridge) #36

As James says, there are already USB pads. You only need to connect 3 of the pins. Here is a photo where I have USB connected:
New photo by Andrew Tridgell
The grey, brown and white wires on the left are USB. Don’t connect power.

(tridge) #37

I’ve created a discussion category for the skyviper, so this topic doesn’t get too unwieldy:

(Dean) #38

Hello Brad, Try , I ordered last friday will be delivered ups Oct 31 :blush:cant wait!

(Marco1) #39

Hey there! New to the community and sky viper. Had a question for you? I have the 2450 GPS and ive been playing around with the flight modes under actions. I tried the flip mode and flipped it on its back…so i reset and flip doesnt work on any button anymore? It also fly’s a little erratic in GPS. I did a motor cal and one motor (LF) sounds different than the rest…broken? Can i find spare motor at sky viper? I looked and they only had 2400 series motors. Love this little bird and appreciate any help!
PS I couldnt find a way to direct message…is this acceptable to just jump in on a thread??

(Ben Reich) #40

Any chance of plugging a companion computer into the sky viper. That would make it perfect for my needs.