SIYI ZT30 Four-Sensor Optical Pod - 4K 180X Hybrid Zoom, 640 x 512 Thermal Imaging, 2K Wide-Angle, 1200-meter Rangefinder, AI Tracking, Limitless Yaw Axis

Dear Community,

ZT30 is a four-sensor hybrid optical pod, zoom camera, thermal imaging camera, laser rangefinder, and wide-angle camera collaborate efficiently. 640 x 512 resolution thermal imaging sensor, 1200-meter range high accuracy rangefinder, 180X hybrid zoom and 30X optical zoom, 4K 1/2.7-inch Sony CMOS, 2K wide-angle camera, powerful AI identify tracking based on neural network processing unit, limitless yaw axis, upgraded quick release structure, abundant gimbal control interface compatible with both SIYI links and third-party links. High accuracy and high collaboration control algorithms ensure stable imaging and zooming ability during flight. HDR and starlight night vision extend the application scenarios to both day and night. In a word, ZT30 optical pod is a rare and good payload for multi-rotors, VTOLs, and robotics.

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SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod Limitless Yaw Rotation on Quadcopter

SIYI ZT30 AI Tracking BETA Tests Training by Cars

Hi Frank,
I was trying to plan to have this camera on one of our drone but I cannot download the manual since the download link does not have a manual, but only 3D files. Could you share please?
Thank you!

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Thanks for your attention, Camil.
I am currently editing the manual, you will probably see it within next week

ZT30 user manual is ready for download


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Hi frank , I bought this ZT30 few weeks ago. Now I’m trying to use it with third party Video Transmitter and Receiver . I couldn’t get video working. Could you help me with it? I already ping the address and I did get a reply.

Hi @JamesHL ,
Have you got it working?

Is this Camera firmware need to be updated currently or not? I am interested to order, but need to understand the latest feature update… Tks

Yea , I did get it to work. I really recommend you buying this , the camera is really good for the price compare to other expensive ones. If you need more info , you can ask me or contact the support teams.


Hi @JamesHL ,

I am pleased to hear that you got it working.
Yes I am interested with this camera, but I still have some issues as following:

  1. This camera can not show geolocation (position coordinat) of our ground target object. I need this function for my project now. SIYI said they will have in the future but it is not clear when.

  2. Body of the camera is not rounded but a bit square which certainly have big wind resistance, as I will install on my Fixwing plane Uav.

How does the tracking function work? Is it good and stable? Have you tried the maximum zoom video (30X) during flying? Is the video stable?? No vibration?
Do you use multicopter or fixed wing plane?

Can you advice what are good points about this camera, that I should buy (not price reason).?


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@SIYI ! I wanted to give some feedback on the ZT30 with MK32 (latest fw everywhere). Some things are related to the FPV app, some to the ZT30, some to the Siyi QGC.

  1. Siyi FPV: In the Siyi FPV app the MAVLink data is not always displayed. If I launch Siyi QGC before the Siyi APV app, the Siyi FPV app does not get any MAVLink data.
  2. Siyi FPV: Lat, long, vertical speed and height (of vehicle) could be displayed somewhere else, because it is over the ZT30 (or other camera) buttons. It is good that they can be disabled but it would be better if they would be somewhere else.
  3. Siyi FPV: Flight mode is not displayed correctly. I see icons instead of the a flight mode.
  4. Siyi FPV: Sometimes the video starts to lag from what I would call normal to 1-3 seconds. That is not fine. This is solved if I restart the App.
  5. ZT30: I was not able to enable the AI tracking function before updating. After the SIYI FPV app update, that function disappeared from the Siyi FPV camera options/settings page.
  6. ZT30: There is a latitude and longitude addition to the laser rangefinder in the latest fw. How should I set the serial(I guess) to have this working - displaying the lat&log of where the rangefinder is pointing to?
  7. Siyi QGC: Getting the parameters in Siyi QGC was sometimes slow, sometimes fast but mostly it never gets all of them. I am running latest Arducopter. Can this be solved somehow?
  8. Siyi QGC: Radio downlink and uplink rate text in the Siyi QGC is over battery text.

I would be thankful if you could solve no.5 in a future release and if you could help me understand or solve points 6 and 7. Thank you!


Big Updates for ZT30 along with the SIYI FPV app


New Firmware:

ZT30 Camera Firmware v0.1.7 svn1010 svn1061 2023-08-24

ZT30 Gimbal Firmware v0.1.8 svn6954 2023-08-23

SIYI FPV App: v2.5.15.660 2023-08-22

SIYI PC Assistant: v1.3.7 svn6958

Main Updates:

  1. Bug fix: Occasionally bad image in MP4 recording.
  2. Bug fix: Reversed image in RTSP streaming.
  3. Optimization: Laser rangefinder target position can be calibrated now.
  4. New feature: Accuracy of thermal temperature data to one decimal place after the decimal point.
  5. Optimization: Now the camera can output up to four video streams from the same IP addresses.
  6. Optimization: Compatible with 64G, 128G, 256G, 512G TF card.
  7. New feature: Thermal color palette.
  8. New feature: Laser rangefinder indicates target’s coordinates in SIYI FPV app.
  9. New feature: Mavlink control to gimbal and camera as an optional way from S.Bus.
  10. New feature: Format TF card remotely through SIYI FPV app.
  11. Optimization: Gimbal control algorithm integrated with flight controller Mavlink data to solve the roll angle tilt problem when the drone attitude changes fast, such as taking off, panning, rolling, etc. (Some configuration needs to be done in the GCS. The manual will be updated later with relevant instructions.)
  12. New feature: All TCP / UDP commands in SIYI gimbal SDK are available on ZT30 now. And some new SIYI gimbal SDK commands (eg. point to focus, acquire current zoom and max zoom, etc)
  13. New feature: Optional H264 codec.
  14. New feature: Rotatable thermal image, enabled by macros.

SIYI FPV App Main Updates:

  1. New feature: Messages for successfully integrated attitude data.
  2. New feature: Format TF card remotely through SIYI FPV app.
  3. New feature: Laser rangefinder target calibration.
  4. New feature: Thermal color palette.
  5. New feature: Icons to alert missing TF card.
  6. New feature: Preview recorded pictures.

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Hi @SIYI ! Just letting you know that the latest (camera V0.1.8 & gimbal v0.1.8 & zoom v0.1.6) FW does not work properly. 2 major issue:

  1. Gimbal continuously spins and does not keep yaw angle position in Lock or Follow mode.
  2. Siyi FPV does not see the camera.

I found the following additional issues to my previous post, not the 2 issues above, while flying with the camera V0.1.7 & gimbal v0.1.8 & zoom v0.1.6 FW, which are the ones I currently use:

  1. Zoom camera does not focus at late evening time or night time even if there is still light, at higher than 5x zoom.
  2. The Siyi FPV app is has considerable and unpredictable lag when moving gimbal by tough (I am not using and did not try any other control modes). Sometimes frames are lost, sometimes image tears, sometimes if freezes altogether for up to 10sec. I am have tried both SIYI_FPV_2.5.15.660.c2fbffa7 and SIYI_FPV_2.5.12.572.bff42b0 and it happens identically.
  3. Random errors occur on laser rangefinder measurements.

I am using an MK32 with RCU ver0.1.7 and SkyEnd ver5.3.0.

Please try to fix the issues asap.

Thanks for your feedback.

May I request a video on this issue, please? And in what way do you try to control the gimbal?

Need a little more information. Because the below information seems to say that the app works.

It will be great if we can have videos on all these issues, thanks

First list of issues is with latest FW. Second list is with the one before that so that is why I am saying that there the FPV app works. Thank you for asking for video, I found the issue with the FPV app. I had to try 3 time to save the IP to 144.26 (this is what I use) and that is why it did not work. Although it said it was saved it did not actually save it.
I will do a screen recording of the rangefinder next time I fly with the camera.
Here is a video of the yaw issue:

Connecting a SIYI ZT30 to the ArduPilot SITL Simulator

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Hi @SIYI! Sorry about the angle on the videos but Youtube does not allow me to rotate videos any more.

Here is a video showing the above:

Follow mode did work but Lock mode, which is what I want (since my aircraft slowly oscillates left and right a bit), did not work and would continuously spin. The video is the same as above:

Here is a video showing this issue: . Note that no other app is opened on the MK32, which is running the latest FW.

Here is a video showing this issue: . Note that the serial is not connected but it does not make sense that the distance to the target is not correct.

Maybe I am not doing something correctly but I cannot see it.

@murcamil Did you get any feedback from @SIYI About this issues?

How is it going with the camera, im planning to buy a few but im a little sceptical about its functionality. Can you provide more feedback and review please?


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I do not have more info than what is written here. It is a very good camera system but it would be fantastic if all things would actually work. If you have some more specific questions, just write them here and I will try to answer.
Compared to the other market options like the Nighthawk2, which works perfectly, but costs 30k$ this is a much better deal, when all things will work as expected. The integration with PX4 and QGC of the Nighthawk2 is fantastic and so is the auto-tracking system, but the price is huge.
I got a DM today from Siyi to help me solve my issues.
Hope it helps.

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ZT30 Firmware Update Log

SIYI FPV App Update Log

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