SIYI ZT30 Four-Sensor Optical Pod - 4K 180X Hybrid Zoom, 640 x 512 Thermal Imaging, 2K Wide-Angle, 1200-meter Rangefinder, AI Tracking, Limitless Yaw Axis

Dear Community,

ZT30 is a four-sensor hybrid optical pod, zoom camera, thermal imaging camera, laser rangefinder, and wide-angle camera collaborate efficiently. 640 x 512 resolution thermal imaging sensor, 1200-meter range high accuracy rangefinder, 180X hybrid zoom and 30X optical zoom, 4K 1/2.7-inch Sony CMOS, 2K wide-angle camera, powerful AI identify tracking based on neural network processing unit, limitless yaw axis, upgraded quick release structure, abundant gimbal control interface compatible with both SIYI links and third-party links. High accuracy and high collaboration control algorithms ensure stable imaging and zooming ability during flight. HDR and starlight night vision extend the application scenarios to both day and night. In a word, ZT30 optical pod is a rare and good payload for multi-rotors, VTOLs, and robotics.

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SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod Limitless Yaw Rotation on Quadcopter

SIYI ZT30 AI Tracking BETA Tests Training by Cars

Hi Frank,
I was trying to plan to have this camera on one of our drone but I cannot download the manual since the download link does not have a manual, but only 3D files. Could you share please?
Thank you!

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Thanks for your attention, Camil.
I am currently editing the manual, you will probably see it within next week

ZT30 user manual is ready for download


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Hi frank , I bought this ZT30 few weeks ago. Now I’m trying to use it with third party Video Transmitter and Receiver . I couldn’t get video working. Could you help me with it? I already ping the address and I did get a reply.