SIYI A8 mini 4K AI Mini Zoom Gimbal Camera - AI Identify & Tracking, 4K 1/1.7-inch 8MP Sony Sensor, 6X Zoom

If there is no HDMI out support then, is there any other way to send the output for companion computers?

I mean how can I take input for raspberry pi, jetson etc

Thank You

There is HDMI out on A8 mini. There is just not HDMI out settings for resolution and frame rates.

Isn’t Ethernet a better output for companion computer than HDMI out? Considering that HDMI can only output video stream.

The issue is: on one TV it outputs HDMI correctly, on one PC monitor it displays just some random horizontal lines.
I want to use the camera standalone, for it’s HDMI output, which seems to be enabled by default.
I see that in the manual it says that the SIYI FPV android app has some options to configure the HDMI output resolution and FPS and also some configuration for fast/regular/slow HDMI (whatever that might mean), or something similar.
My question is: how can I change those HDMI related settings if I have only the camera, not the full SIYI FPV transmission system. I want to set the camera HDMI output to something like 720p, 30FPS to see if it works better.
I understand that the main purpose of the camera is to be used with the SIYI system, but it would be great (open up a lot of more sales) if it can be used for other purposes (after all, it has HDMI output and ETH output).
It’s a very powerfull camera, compact, seems to work really well, the HDMI output makes it usable for a lot of projects, it’s just that might be a small oversight that one can’t change those HDMI settings without having the full SIYI FPV system.
Thank you.

Yes use Lan

if you are using a companion computer.
All HDMI Inputs are converted to a IP Address generally over the air anyway so use a IP Camera if your air unit has a Lan Port. Eg siyi hm30 or herelink V 1.1 with a Lan port

Connecting the A8 via RG45 to a PC
3 to 4 ms no video feed
36 ms video streaming
Then add siyi HM30 Latency
Best Video player is Happy Time
Little Latency nothing like VLC standard

This was with the A8 camera settings at 1080 P

The SDK does not mention any commands to configure the HDMI output settings (only to enable/disable the HDMI output).
Can you please add to the SDK support for commands to change the HDMI settings (resolution, FPS, fast/slow HDMI) as the SIYI FPV android app does?
This would help a lot people who use the camera for other projects than SIYI FPV system.
Thank you!

Hey @Mark_Rosser,
what did you do to change the Stream Resolution to Full HD? Did you use the PC Assistant?

i think A8mini record issue still exist on AC 4.3.3

i have skydroid H16 remote controller connected with CUAV V5Nano.
Assigned 3 position switch for Record function but i try to stop the record it stopped ,again record started automatically without any input. here is the reference video attached.

SIYI gimbal version is 0.1.9
SIYI camera version is 0.1.7. @rmackay9

I can see that my camera is in my country so looking forward to receive.
I would also like to ask regarding input voltage range (min voltage / max voltage)
and about options to add possibility to change HDMI resolution / framerate (1080p/60,1080p/30,720p/60) if possible.
Thank you

Is it a question to A8 mini gimbal? If not, please post in the relevant topic

Also does anyone know if this camera (or any of the lineup) can take still photos? or just video?

If so can someone share the still photo capture at full res?

Thank you!

Apologies, I did not know this was a topic only for the Zoom gimbal camera. Do you have a topic for the video transmitter and receiver?

Which model do you refer to? MK32, HM30, or MK15, each one has their own topic in ardupilot forum. Please try to search in Hardware - Radio section

Is the camera controlled via pixhawk for trigger as well?

For example can it be used with the survey mapping function triggered by pixhawk automatically?

What protocol is used in this way? Mavlink?
Is it feasible to refer to SIYI gimbal SDK for this purpose?

@Wizzx @petrusoroaga @Blue_fire
Hello to all,
Does it solve your problem if A8 mini HDMI output is fixed to 1080p @ 30fps? Will appreciate it very much if I can get a confirmation from your side by testing some other cameras with your system under 1080p @ 30fps

Yes, it would solve it.
Just a side note: if there will be no options to change those settings without a SIYI system, I would say the safest default HDMI output should be 720p at 30fps (p not i). Will be more broadly supported by HDMI “consumers”.

P.S.: If I have not SIYI system, can I flash a new firmware to the camera (assuming you do any change in default HDMI output)? Is there a way to do that without a SIYI system?
Thank you!

Yes, 1080p/30 will work for sure (tested with Feiyu Pocket 2S HDMI out), as most of the CSI/HDMI adapters works with 30fps/progressive. Else for me, best possibility is to be able to chose HDMI resolution between (1080p/30,720p/60, 720p/30 or even 1080p/60) with kind of config file on SD card for example. As 1080p is for better picture quality but 720p can be used for smaller latency.
Thank you, Eduard

A8 mini 30 fps HDMI Output Firmware

@Wizzx @petrusoroaga The firmware is ready. Kindly have a test.

Hi Frank,
I read the manual, but I can’t do the upgrade:
I have installed the latest SIYI PC Assistant up (1.3.2), on a Windows 10 PC, I power up the gimbal, I also connect it using a USB-C cable to the PC, PC device manager detects the new device as Universal Serial Bus Device N32G4FR Port but when I open the PC assistant app, nothing happens. I see the 3 tabs, but no gimbal is detected, and there is no button to “Connect” or something similar.
What am I doing wrong?
I tried the SD card flashing, but not sure if it did anything.

EDIT: I updated the Windows driver for the detected USB device, with a generic Windows Serial USB, now the gimbal is detected, but upgrade of firmware does not work: I select the file you sent, I click on upgrade, but it stays at 0% with a text: “msgerror3”. On PC Assistant it shows Firmware 0.1.7

I want to connect the camera directly to my router, to see if the video stream shows up on PC as explained in the manual.
In the manual it says to connect RX- to RX- and so on, otherwise the camera can be damaged. Does anyone tried to connect it to a PC and has a diagram of how the ETH socket pins are connected? Nowadays all cables do support crossover and I don’t want to burn the camera if I create a ETH cable and connect it to my router.