SIYI A8 mini 4K AI Mini Zoom Gimbal Camera - AI Identify & Tracking, 4K 1/1.7-inch 8MP Sony Sensor, 6X Zoom

@SIYI a separate issue

in my new $300 A8 gimbal confugered per your UART Gimbal mode instructions, with AC 4.4.3 my yaw range is toughly between 0 (facing forward) with the slider all the way down to +135 (facing right-back) with the slider all the way up. I am not ever able to actuate the negaive yaw angles (facing left).

Similarly pitch is also moving at the franctional range of what its suposed to per your configuration.

zoom and record inputs are ignored as well - not working!

INterestingly though when controling gimbal via payload control in MissionPkanner pan and tilt work as expected - the proper range.

@rmackay9 - could this ^^^ be somethig AC config related? (thx!)

To me these are basic problems - is there a phone suport i can contact to resolve it rapidly?

thanks so much.

AS mentioned above, in mavlink/telemetry mode there is no motion at all, not even in payload control tab or sliders.

attached 2 pics - one with all sliders down the other all sliders up

Please confirm if you are using the ArduPilot commands here.

@SIYI thanks for reply

i am on AC 4.5-dev and production version of your firmwares (non beta)
the only difff from the setup you quoted is:
CAM_TRIGG_TYPE is not set (im on AP 4.5)
i do have CAM1_type=4 - btw you have typo in your PDF - u said CAN1_TYPE (could you please fix it?)

i use different channel numberrs than your example - the only one i use are as follows:
RC13_OPTION,166 - record
RC14_OPTION,167 - zoom

Thanks. It will be fixed soon.

Does it work now?

nothing changed - please see my post with pictures few posts above which describes my problems - still the same symptoms - yaw and pith only move half way, record and zoom does not work at all.

sorry - after changing recording formar from 4k to HD both zoom and record works ,

so only the pitch and yaw range/angle limita is the remaing issue


Then please summarize the information and email to

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Hi @maciek01,

I’m not sure what, “mavlink/telemetry mode” means. Is this the Siyi suggested setup where MNT1_TYPE = 4 (SToRM32 MAVLink)? If “yes” then I don’t think this method should ever be used actually because all it does is pass the RC through to the gimbal via MAVLink. AP has no way to control the gimbal so the payload screen, point-camera-here feature, etc won’t work.

Personally I always recommend using the setup described on the wiki.

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Thank you @rmackay9 . yes that is what i meant (serialX_proto=2 - mavlink 2)
I thought it was required in order to take advantage of AC attitude assist with the floating horizon issue (sr1_extra1=50hz).

Since it was not working at all for me, i reverted back to proto 8 (gimbal).
THis is where i am struggling to get the full range of moton on the tilt and pan sliders on my radio. I thought there maybe soem AC related workaround i was not aware of. Weirdly the ‘payload control’ tab allows the full range of motion using the sliders on the tab.

to be specific, my mnt1_rc_rate is 0 to enagle angle and not rate cotntrol


Please don’t miss this post


@SIYI thanks. how do i update camera FW? Put in at the root of the SD card?

Also is the AC master safe to fly?

Lastly mnt1_rc_rate = 90 doesnt work for me - gimbal doesnt move.
the onyl value that makes it move is 0 - angle mode. in here as i described in previous post the angle range is limited.


I think it would be good to check the RCx_MIN, TRIM and MAX values for the channels being used to control the gimbal. It’s all guesswork without a log of course but …

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Thanks @rmackay9 , i will fly some tomorrow

is trim suposed to be in a halfway point? I will do nother radio calib too. right now mine are:


these worked fine for my old gimbal - the storm.


@rmackay9 @SIYI - yes my problem with tilt/pan was the trim. settgin to 1500 fixed the motion range problems - thanks!

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Great. This happens enough that I did add a comment in the wiki but perhaps we need a more obvious warning and/or pre-arm check.

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Here is a video guide

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Does the camera outputs a RTSP stream over ETH or a custom proprietary video stream?
I want to connect it to a PC using my home network and ETH and see if I can play the live video stream.

The camera has a standard stream available at rtsp://

We set up many drones and rovers with this camera, and the fact that you can also send commands through web API (protocol described in the manual) is very helpful in network-operated systems.


I can’t find a reference to the Web Api in the manual, can you tell me the page number?

I think you are talking about 3.3.6 Advanced Guide for SIYI Gimbal SDK Integration on page 40 is that right?

Same for A8 mini