Simple BGC gimbal control and 3.6

Does anyone else have gimbal control set up over serial on their rig? I have a cube and a SBGC 32bit mini. I’ve followed the instructions on the wiki, and modified it for the GPS2 uart. I can’t get control working of tilt working. I’m using a simple BGC 32bit tiny rev B. I swapped rx/tx as a trouble shooting measure but it didn’t help. I’m using a knob on my tx on ch6 as the wiki suggests. What setting should it have in the servo setup window?

Do I need to set any servo outs in the gimbal window? Or do I need to set up anything else in the sbgc config other than the serial setting for yaw?

Did you get this working? Last year I tried with a pixhawk 1 to get a serial connection working but failed. Ended up using PWM. Now setting up a cube so hope to try again with serial.

I ended up using SBUS. Let me know if you have luck with the serial connection.

Got it working. Swapped tx/rx wires and Im sure its now not as the manual says, however it works.

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