SikRadio Soild Red Light - Unable to Load or Update Firmware

So my SikRadio has a soild red light as shown:

I did some research and it’s supposed to mean it’s in “Firmware Mode”, which is ironic because I am unable to load any setting or update the firmware in both MissionPlanner and QGroundControl.

In QGroundControl, I get this error:

QGroundControl can upgrade the firmware on Pixhawk devices, SiK Radios and PX4 Flow Smart Cameras.

All QGroundControl connections to vehicles must be disconnected prior to firmware upgrade.

Please unplug your Pixhawk and/or Radio from USB.

Plug in your device via USB to start firmware upgrade.

Found device: SiK Radio

Putting radio into command mode

Error: Unable to put radio into command mode

Upgrade cancelled

If upgrade failed, make sure to connect directly to a powered USB port on your computer, not through a USB hub. Also make sure you are only powered via USB not battery.

…and in MissionPlanner I get this error:

Very similar, what do these errors mean?

There is known bug going on.

Read my thread… last few comments.

It’s happening in BOTH QGroundControl and Mission Planner.

And it’s also not connecting up fine, like yours.

I believe this is a hardware issue.

Its bug in MP. Check this link.

Then how come it’s happening in QGroundControl as well?

let’s go back to the beginning.

there is TX SIK radio and RX sik Radio.

Which one is giving you this error?

Hey, sorry for the REALLY long wait.

Both telemetry radios both have a micro-usb and a 6-Pin connection that goes to the Flight Controller, so both can be used as a Tx or a Rx.

I am only having the problem with one of them, I have two more so it’s not a disaster.

I have 2 drones so I would like to use the broken one as a Rx and have the other two Tx, but since only two are working I only have one Tx and one Rx, so I have to switch back and forth :confused:

ok so looks like u have one defective one. Time to get a new radio…