Setting up flight mode without mission planner for the first time

I want to change the flight modes without using the software, just using the radio and without initial setting. In other words, I want to select the desired modes for the flight without the initial setting of the modes in the software on the radio switches, just using the radio.

Who can help me???

Let me get this straight, you don’t want to tell mission planner the flight modes you want to use but expect Ardupilot to know what you want it to do when flipping the switch on the radio (asuming you set up a flight mode switch in the radio)?

By default, every flight mode is stabilize and unless you change that, nothing other than stabilize is going to happen. The shortcut you are looking for doesn’t exist.

Read and follow the How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x Guide, the solution to your problem is explained there in great detail.

[EDIT]: there is a possibility but it is not easier than using mission planner

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One way maybe if you have the right RC system:
Yaapu Lua GCS

This is not commonly used for configuring Flight Modes.

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Thanks for your response . Yes, I know that this is a little far from logic. This is a project related to a university class, I would be happy if you know a way to tell me.

It’s far fetched and, if I’m being blunt, stupid.

While you don’t need GCS software to operate an ArduPilot vehicle, you absolutely must use some software suite to configure it. Mission Planner is the obvious choice, and if you’re using Mission Planner for anything at all (or QGC or any variant), then you should use it to fully configure the autopilot before using it on a vehicle. It’s simple, elegant, and efficient. Anything else is…well, silly.

In other words, using Mission Planner (or similar) to flash your autopilot’s firmware and accomplish its initial configuration without knowing what flight modes you’ll use via RC prior to connecting an RC transmitter is patently absurd.

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