Send gazebo sensor data to ardupilot

Hello developers!

I have some problems to make SITL using Gazebo.
I have no idea to send message from gazebo to ardupilot, “DISTANCE_SENSOR”.

I followed the ardupilot developer document to install Gazebo,
and attached “Hokuyo” sensor.

I modified “Hokuyo” sensor’s plugin like bellow

<plugin name="laser" filename="">

and I confirmed the topic “/mavros/distance_sensor/scan” via “rostopit list” and “RQT”
so, I think the “Hokuyo” sensor data is published on MAVROS.

For next step, I hope to send this data to “DISTANCE_SENSOR”.
But I don’t know how to do this.

Plz give me some ideas or examples on MAVROS.

THX and Have a nice day.