Schedule for Copter 3.6 release?

Hi all,

I’m just wondering if anyone can let me know when the release version (not beta testing version) of copter 3.6 would be available?

I just need to implement the dual GPS at blend mode with the GPS time available, which is told to be available at copter 3.6

Many thanks in advance!


We don’t have fixed date. We hope to release it soon … It will depend on how the tests are going.


We hope to soft launch Copter-3.6 this week. Copter-3.5.7 supports blended GPSs… I’m not aware of any changes in this area for Copter-3.6 actually…


I’ve been waiting for 3.6 official release and now that it is almost here some doubts are ariving to me.

1 - It is safe to import directly an almost done and tested configuratión from a 3.5.x nutt hexacopoter when i flash it with new 3.6 ChiBios.

2 - What changes in new / renamed / deprecated parameters should we be aware of ?

Thanks in advance.



The best way to upgrade to take the copter that is working with Copter-3.5.7 and simply load Copter-3.6.0 on it. Done this way, any required parameter conversions will be done for you and I think you’ll find the upgrade is totally painless.

We will be doing a soft launch of 3.6.0 later this week (unless something unexpected happens) and I’ll include the list of parameter changes in that release.

Txs for giving 3.6.0 a try!

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Are there a differences in features or supported devices (except supported FC) between ChibiOs and NuttX version?


ChibiOS is mostly feature complete but there are a few missing things that are listed here.


Whould you recommend ChibiOS on a Pixhawk (the old one) in this release, or maybe wait until ChibiOS is a bit more mature and tested in say 3.7?


For this release we are leaving the default as NuttX but ChibiOS is an option. From 3.7 onwards ChibiOS will be the only option for the Pixhawk family of flight controllers.

I don’t think I’ll be making a recommendation on whether users should use ChibiOS or Nuttx in most cases. Without a doubt the ChibiOS build perform better but as you say, it’s not as mature as NuttX so although we don’t know of any critical issues with ChibiOS, we could find some more as the number of users increases.

Randy…Sorry for this stupid question. but I upgraded to RC12 which I think took me to Chibios. If I want to stay with it with the new release is that easy to do, will it ask. sorry I am more a hardware guy the firmware.

Hi Ricky,

Normally the MP asks on each upload whether the users wants the ChibiOS build. I think during each upload the user must press “Yes” or “OK” when asked that question or it will revert to NuttX.

Super thanks man.
Can’t wait for the gold version.


Hi rmackay9,

Thank you so much for your information.

We actually tested the dual GPSs (Here+ & Here2) blended under Copter 3.5.5, which worked great but does not provide the GPS time. I posted this question here and someone informed me that the GPS time will be available at Copter 3.6.

So we’ve been waiting for the Copter 3.6.

Aha! I wasn’t really aware of this issue! Anyway, good thing one of the other devs knew the answer :slight_smile:

I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas…how many sleeps till it’s released. lol