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GPS Time unavailable under Dual GPS blend configuration

(Tae-Yun) #1

Hi all,

As I’m new here, please excuse if I’m posting to an incorrect category.

I’m using dual GPS at Blend mode (GPS_AUTO_SWITCH = 2) under Pixhawk2.1 (copter 3.5.5), and found that the GPS time is not output. When I set the mode to UseBest (GPS_AUTO_SWITCH = 1), the GPS time is shown well under mission planner. The GPS time is also available when I use just one GPS.

The GPS time is unavailable only when I use dual GPS at Blend mode (GPS_AUTO_SWITCH = 2).

Any clue why and how to make the GPS time available at the blend mode? The GPS time is important to me as I use it to time sync my multiple drones for auto-flight.

I’m using the following 2 GPS to reduce the GPS glitch and improve the location accuracy of the drones:

GPS 1 (Primary): Here+ M8P Chip
GPS 2 (Secondary): Here2 M8N Chip

Many thanks in advance.

(Amilcar Lucas) #2

This was a bug that got fixed in the 3.6.0 version (to be released next week or so)