Save Uart data in pixhwak 2.1

Hi every one,
i’m study github code to save uart(serial) data in my pixhwak(2.1, CubeOrange) using serial port(GPS1), but i don’t know what’s the function to be modified.

(i use UAVCAN protocol GPS moudle,here3, and i want to get additional data from uart port)

how can i do this ??
help me.

We need more details. A lot more details.

actually, i want to save GPS raw data(Carrier phase, pesudorange etc … ).
so, i tried to make another line for serial data pin.
I confirm GPS raw data when directly connect PC <–uart–> GPS module(here3) likewise below fig,

so i want to confirm raw data by modifying the opensource code and logging SD card in pixhwak2.1.
I wonder " how can write the code that read UART data from GPS1 port ?( Is there any parameter requirement?) "

Hardware setting is following as :
connecting GPS module here3 to CANport, recived sensor data and NMEA data,
another line is connect with GPS1 port for serial data.

What if you just split the GPS TX line and log the data on a seperate MCU/SD-card.
Or to follow your diagram, connect the GPS raw data line to a seperate MCU.

There is already a parameter to log raw UBX data
Just activate it.

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Hello @amilcarlucas,

I think the solution you proposed is the perfect solution if our friend @jklee95 install the UART cable instead of the CAN cable in Here3.

If I am not mistaken, I tried to access the UBX informations via CAN in Here3 once and it didn’t work. It seems that the embedded processor doesn’t stream these messages at normal operation.

I already tried it(set GPS raw data 1), but there is no gps raw data set. (only label is exist)
I think that reason is GPS_Type is UAVCAN type, though UBX informations via CAN in Here3 once and it didn’t work. as @BrunoBagarini said,

In Here3 configuration ,to receive GPS,IMU and compass data, GPS_Type must be set in UAVCAN. isn’t it?

Is it possible to receive gps raw data with Parameter set (GPS_Type : UAVCAN, GPS_raw_data : always) ?


yes, it’s the problem :sob:
Is there any way to received here3 data with CAN cable, at the same time receive GPS raw data with UART cable??(To do this, i studying github-ardupilot opensource code but i don’t know what function i modify)

You need to change the cable on the Here3 and connect it via UART instead of CAN.
No software changes are required if you do this.

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@amilcarlucas the UART on Here3 will only output GPS data correct? I am not sure if compass or IMU data will be available on it.
I really don’t know if it is possible to connect UAVCAN and UART at the same time, I think this is the doubt of our friend @jklee95.

Uart has only gps data.
An i2c cable is needed for compass.

He should have picked an Holybro F9P Helical instead. It has a better RTK receiver.

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hi …

How can I read the parameters of the plane from sd card in the event of a system failure in ardupilot5+

thanks advance

I just want to make the processor take the reading of the time-of-flight parameters from the sd card when it is formatted to the EEPROM.

Just load the .bin log file into mission planner, mavexporer or