Is there an ability to pass through HERE3 GPS data as serial?

I use HERE3 GPS using the standard CAN connection to the Orange-Cube/ADSB-carrier board.

I’m considering the Seagull #MAP-X2 geotag logging device - which requires GPS as an input.

Is there a way I can pass through the GPS data from the autopilot over to this device in a serial connection?

As info - my interest in this device is that it supports an IMU and Lidar for adding orientation and distance to the geotag.

Many Thanks!

Hello Joseph,

It is possible by using the extra cable of your Here3, which routes the GPS UART directly, like the older versions of Here.

Thank you Bruno. That’s very helpful.

Do you know if it can support data to both the CAN connection and the serial simultaneously?

I really don’t know if this kind of configuration is possible.

Ok - thanks.

According to a comment from Alvin from CubePilot, the Here3 only supports CAN. That’s on the forum.

Hey @jstroup1986

Take a look at this discussion, a guy made what you want to do: