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S.port telemetry with Matek 405-wing

(Richard Gillingham) #1

Hello all

Is any form of telemetry supported with a Matek 405-wing FC board running chibios?

Receiver is a FrSky R9slim+ so s.port and inverted s.port are available.


(Peter Hall) #2

You will have to use a converter for the time being.

(Richard Gillingham) #3

Hi Peter

Many thanks for replying.

Is the converter to invert the already inverted s.port ? The R9slim+ that I have has inverted and non-inverted outputs. On another board I used with iNav I had to use softserial and a resistor to support the half duplex nature of s.port. I don’t seem to be able to access the link you embedded.


(Fnoop) #4

Not just the inversion, you need a hardware solution for the half duplex/single wire issue.
I tried the ‘some soldering required’ method and couldn’t get it to work with the 405-wing, if anyone has success here please let us know :slight_smile:

(Peter Hall) #5

I have it working on the 405-wing, it even has a 3.3v source so you can power the converter without it getting too hot on 5V.

(Dave) #6

So this should also work with an Omnibus F4 nano V6 FC also? Using an R-XRS Rx that also has inverted and non-inverted Sbus connections.

(Fnoop) #7

Fab thanks :slight_smile: I’ll give it another go, maybe I got dud converters

(Peter Hall) #8

yep, I have a R-XSR in a miniquad, just use the standard SBus on the connector

(Richard Gillingham) #9

If I make the board - which serial uart do I plug it into - or can I choose.

sbus is on the sbus pin. I put GPS onto UART3. Just can’t find much documentation.

As I said - on the omnibus F4 I just put a resistor between the TX and RX lines of the softserial port and it all kicked to life. One resistor.