S.port telemetry on Pixhawk


I haver pixhawk cotroller, Turnigy 9X modified radio with FrSky XJT module. When I use FrSky D8R transmitter the telemetry is going well.

Can anybody describe me how can I use (and connect) FrSky X8R transmitter smar port to pixhawk? I am electrician the best solution will be a small cheap circuit. I tried this:

But without sucess.

Thank You!

I guess what you want is described in the wiki: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-frsky-telemetry.html

If you got the D8R running already, it’s the SPC Cable that is missing, that’s the one I got, but you seem to be familiar with the electrical circuit so you can easily build one on your own :slight_smile:

Pick your poison:

Please note, you need Craft & Theory’s custom firmware located on their site.
And, you might want to follow us on Ersky9x forums.
I have the same setup and we are working through it now activating the individual telemetry readings:

HOWEVER, my Turnigy 9X setup used the SmartieParts upgrade:

I think the most simple way is to use this simple $1 modified convertor:

You can read more in this (long) thread:

The post mentioning the above convertor start a round the date
28 June 2015.

I am using this convertor and it works great.

RATS! That could have saved me $38USD! :frowning:

I tried this way, but the converter is getting hot in seconds after I plug in USB.
I double checked the wiring.

Connected to the serial2 in mode 4 for R-XSR

The TTL-to-RS232 convertor I bought was a dual convertor type. It means that the pads on the bottom are convertor one, and the solder pads on the top are for the second one.
I ruined the pads on one side, so I could luckily use the other one side.

Perhaps you have the same type of convertor and accidentally connected both sides?
Otherwise I don’t know. Perhaps a faulty convertor? Try another one?

Great hint… :sunglasses: Thanks
I soldered the wire to the receiver under the board, as I didn’t know that it is a dual converter.
So there was a loop from T2IN to T2OUT over the Diode to R2IN and fried the chip.

Do not connect to Pixhawk withot connected the receiver, as it will fry the MAX3232 :boom:

Now I see Sensors in my Taranis.