S-800 SkyShadow TVBS

My love of TVBS drove me to another conversion project. A bit smaller than the Z-84, with smaller motors (1804), The S-800 Sky Shadow is comparable or even a bit cheaper than the Z-84 kit. Its denser foam and winglets instead of vertical stabs makes it easy to rotate upright without the need for standoffs.
Here are the photos of the completed build:

![IMG_1286 (Large)|666x500]

30A BLHeli32 ESCs
1084/2300 motors Gemfan 6x4.5 (later changed to 2204/2300s since the 1804s had burnt windings and were shorting when they got warm)
Emax ES09MD tilt servos
Emax ES08MD elevon servos
Frsky R-XSR with Yaapu Telem enabled (including bi-dir PR)
3S, 3500mah LiIon

I have hovered it in the backyard, but winds are too high to flight test. Tomorrow is promising as its maiden flight day. Takes about 50% throttle at 15A to hover. The small motors may get too hot for long hovers and I may need to move up to 2204s like the Z-84 has…TBD


oops, only five images per post…here is the last one

Hi Henry,

Are you successful in the flight test ?

I have flown a S-800 Skyshadow with Revo running latest version of Arduplane. In another project, I have tried a Osprey V-22 VTOL with KK2.1.5 for over 2-3 years without success, even at hover stage.

I am very interested in your S-800 Skyshadow TVBS. Could you share more photo on the tilt motor mechanism with different angle, and advise where do you get it if you sourced it from outside ?

Thank you.

yes flying well…working on video to post
motor mounts are my 3D design…also trying to get them posted on thingiverse, but that site has problems right now

here is some video:

mainly just transitions to from FBWA from QSTABILIZE and QLOITER…
CRUISE is about 30mph at 4.25A.could be down at 22-24mph/3.8A, if I reset the FW ACC level with a bit more AOA…VTOL hover is ~15A…should be good for 40min or so of flight with the 3s/3500mah LiIon battery

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Thanks for sharing, video is private, couldn’t be shown

sorry, somehow stayed in a DRAFT state…fixed now…unfortunately when I was editing with VideoPad, I could not get it to correctly transcode the title slides and text comments, so I had to remove them…just fyi, any jerky movements in QLOITER and QSTABILIZE were me jerking the sticks…the response is very crisp but stable, as you can see in one loiter segment where I yaw 360 degrees

Nice 3rd build ! It feels a bit unstable or need to adjust PID’s, no ?

if I dont move the sticks its solid…its pretty sensitive to stick since I have the allowed angles pretty high…
notice how solid it was with the QLOITER piroettes…

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Pretty nice for 3s setup !
What is the AUW in that case ? I have ZOHD Orbit which is +/- same, I will build one. need to wait 1 or 2 months for motors and props to come :-/

Total weight is 650g

thingiverse finally took my files : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4617670

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650g really cool, you have a lot of time in air IMO

This photo shows another part (not the long piece rotor mount with holes as shown in thingiverse blue image) which the motor sits in, and which is mounted to both sides of the rotor mount with bolt).

Where do you get this part ? I presume this is not 3D printed.

thingiverse only shows ONE of the three files as a thumbnail…the wing mount and a left and right motor pivot mount are in the 3D files…look in the files section…the only thing purchased are the bolts, the ball mount, and the two 3x8x3mm ball bearings