Running Mission Planner on Linux

Again I tried to make something hard out of something easy. I thought you had to actually build Misssion Planner on Linux to use it. Not so. Actually pretty easy to run MP on linux. I have it running on a TX1 now. Couple of steps.

  1. you need to install Mono from the instructions on this page. This will install the latest version older versions or the one that installs with apt will not work properly. I installed mono-complete. Tried a couple of the other recommendations but they were already installed with complete.

  2. Get the latest beta version of MP and unzip it into a directory. from here

  3. command to start up is sudo mono MissionPlanner.exe. Takes some extra time first time through. Probably building p-code for the emulator. Once you run it once it comes up like you are used to seeing.

Now there are some dependencies that might need to be installed. On my system there weren’t any. However if it complains or better yet before you install Mono go to the ArduPilot github page and click on MissionPlanner. At the bottom of the page there is a list of the dependencies. So you can check to see if they are installed before you do the mono install.

I just did this today I was able to connect and another guy that followed the instructions was able to download firmware to the fc with it. No reason it won’t work just fine. Its alway been able to run under mono. It runs under mono on a windows machine.

So have fun with it if you have issues post up and I’ll try and help.


Do you also need WINE to run the executable? Or does it “just work” with the .NET framework?

I didn’t install wine unless its on nvidia version of ubuntu 16.04 typing which wine doesn’t show anything so I’d say its not needed.

Awesome. Should really be a blog post with a screenshot, hint, hint … :wink:

It runs OK here, but can’t connect via MavLink (crashes). Neither will it play a tlog (crashes). In the flight planning screen it will load a mission OK, but it doesn’t display the ground path for spline waypoints (or regular).

Maybe I’m missing some libraries or dependencies, I don’t know. But on linux, for now, I think I’ll stick with APM Planner2.

Got it open on the first time, but now it won’t open up anymore. I am getting this message:
“Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
used by your application.”

Any idea how to fix?

Also I was having some trouble connecting, any tips on that once I get it back up?

Could you share your mono version ?
IMO, connecting problem are usually due to permission. Try to change your telemetry usb port in /dev/ttyXXX permission with chmod 644

After successfully running Mission Planner in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I can connect to a PxiRacer with USB as “/dev/serial/by-id/usb-3D_Robotics_PX4_FMU_v4.x_0-if00”. But with telemetry connected on “dev/tty/USB0” it does not seem to receive any heartbeat packets - could it be an issue with the FTDI driver?

Now that I have it running in Ubuntu 16.04, I don’t get the RMB option to download offline maps. I need to do this before I go to the field since I won’t have WiFi there. It doesn’t download at home ON the Wifi in the live map, either.

@CatiaDr I have the prefetch option available

maptool>prefetch seems to work

Thanks @griz11 this is great!

Out of interest has anyone got the HERE+ ground gps working on this?

U-blox says the drivers are built into the kernel but even after changing permissions in the RTK panel on MP I can select the correct port but the baud rate selector is greyed out

Ubuntu 16.04 if anyone has any ideas?

Installed on Ubuntu 16.04 per

In Mission Planner/config.xml, I changed 2 values:

SerialInjectGPS_port dev/ttyACM0
SerialInjectGPS_baud 38400

Restart. Now able to connect.

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I am on debain strech, running mission planner using mono (in sudo). I guess, for me its working pretty out of the box. I can get it to inject RTK Here+ base station, with no issues. Are you sure that your baud rate is 115200 ?

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Just a quick info for Ubuntu 18.04:

Install mono complete:
(So you can install from the repo directly instead!)

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Get MissionPlanner:

Unzip and execute with:

mono MissionPlanner.exe


Don’t use sudo : not needed. Add user to dialout group, log out then log in

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I still don’t see any maps on the MP display…just a black box.

Runs and functions fine here on Ubuntu 18.04LTS, except for the buttons and gauges below the HUD don’t display correctly. Likely due to the GTK+ GUI toolkit being used specific to Windows.

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Anybody got a suggestion?

i tryed a lot, never got it working 100%. was not usable , too many crashes.
ended up using a vm… sad :frowning:

Use Qgroundcontrol …